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Intelligent data computing

Combinatorial Optimization Lab

Prof. Hyung-Chan An
Algorithm design Combinatorial optimization Approximation algorithms Online algorithms Theoretical computer science Computational applications of optimization techniques

Computer Graphics and Applications Lab

Prof. In-Kwon Lee
Computer Graphics Virtual Reality Human-Computer Interaction Affective Computing Music Technology

Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Lab

Prof. Hyeran Byun
Computer Vision Generative Models Model Generalization Video Understanding Weakly- & Unsupervised Learning Fairness in AI

Cyber Security Lab

Prof. Dokyung Song
Systems Security OS Security Binary Reverse Engineering Program Analysis Confidential Computing
Intelligent data computing

Data Engineering Lab

Prof. Sanghyun Park
Video anomaly detection Autonomous database tuning system Time series forecasting AI based drug design Reinforcement learning
Intelligent data computing

Database Lab

Prof. Won Suk Lee
Big-data analysis Stream data self-learning Synthetic data(anonumous data) processing Image recognition, cloud-edge

Dependable Computing Lab

Prof. Kyoungwoo Lee
Soft error (transient fault) Reliability Fault tolerance IoT-based healthcare Machine learning-based healthcare Deep learning accelerator

Embedded Systems Languages and Compilers Lab

Prof. Bernd Burgstaller
Blockchain Multicore and GPU parallelization PIM Heterogeneous and persistent memory High-level language memory consistency models Compilers and virtual machines

Esports Lab

Prof. Byungjoo Lee
Esports Human-Computer Interaction Human Factors, Data Science Optimization Reinforcement Learning
Intelligent data computing

Internet Computing Lab

Prof. Kyong-Ho Lee
Knowledge Graph Representation Learning and Reasoning of Knowledge Graphs Semantic Web, Recommender System Dialog Model

Mobile Embedded System Lab

Prof. Hojung Cha
Mobile computing On-device AI Cross Device Web Batteryless system Machine Learning Based System Optimization
Network and Cloud Computing

Mobile Networking Lab

Prof. Seungjae Han
Cloud edge computing Internet of Things Indoor localization Distributed learning Deep reinforcement learning SDN(software defined networking)
Intelligent data computing

Softcomputing Lab

Prof. Sung-Bae Cho
Hybrid Deep Learning Neuro-Symbolic Integration Trustworthy AI Deep Learning Applications
Intelligent data computing

Theory of Computation Lab

Prof. Yo-Sub Han
Theory of computation Automata theory Algorithm design Information retrieval Natural language processing Neural-symbolic model
Network and Cloud Computing

Wireless Networking Lab

Prof. Su-Kyoung Lee
Internet of Things Edge Computing Autonomous Vehicle Communication Intelligent IoT Service Distributed Networking System 6G Wireless Communication