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Master's student Hyungjoo Chae from the Department of Computer Science…

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In April 2024, Hyungjoo Chae, a DLI lab student supervised by Professor Jinyoung Yeo, pre-published his latest research on Arxiv, drawing significant attention for its reasoning capabilities that far exceed those of Google DeepMind's "Self-Discover" framework. Notably, this research was introduced by famous Twitter influencers in the AI field, attracting intense interest with approximately 35,000 views.


The research focuses on the ability of large language models (LLMs) to develop and utilize algorithms to solve problems, proposing a new methodology. The joint research team of Professor Jinyoung Yeo and Professor Youngjae Yu proved that this allows language models to solve complex problems more effectively. Moreover, the proposed methodology indicates a significant advantage by demonstrating cost-effective reasoning where massive and small language models work together.



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