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Professor Baek Jong-duk's medical artificial intelligence research lab has been selected as an Editor's Choice in the world's top journal in the field of medical physics, Medical Physics, for a paper they published in December 2022. Medical Physics is a highly respected academic journal in the field of medical physics, and it selects the top four papers (one for each research area) as Editor's Choice for free access. In particular, among the Medical Physics papers published by domestic researchers in the last three years, this is the only one to be selected as Editor's Choice, which shows its significant academic significance. The paper titled "A streak artifact reduction algorithm in sparse-view CT using a self-supervised neural representation" proposes a neural representation method based on neural radiance field (NeRF) and an image processing algorithm that utilizes it to effectively reduce image distortion in sparse-view sampling CT images. The proposed method can learn from a single input shooting data and shows better image quality and generalization performance than existing image-based deep learning methods that use multiple training data, as verified through various simulations and real-world data. Through this, the paper suggests a new direction for personalized and precise medical image restoration using artificial intelligence technology. This technology is expected to play a significant role in the future revenue visualization of Barnes Imaging, a medical artificial intelligence company founded by Professor Baek's research team. The research was supported by the Basic Research Laboratory and Mid-Career Researcher Support Programs of the National Research Foundation of Korea.


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