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The Department of Artificial Intelligence at the College of Computing won a total of three awards, including the special award for the most awards per professor, at the 29th Samsung Human-Tech Paper Awards ceremony held on February 20th.

In the "Computer Science & Engineering" category, Kwon Minki and Jeong Jaeseok, both of whom are students in the integrated master's and doctoral program (supervised by Professor Eo Young-jeong), won the gold and encouragement awards, respectively, while Cho Min-joo and Guksungji, both of whom are master's degree students (supervised by Professor Park No-sung), also won the gold and encouragement awards, respectively.

Kwon Minki and Jeong Jaeseok, who won the gold award, discovered a new latent space of diffusion models and proposed a method for generating various real images using this space without retraining the model, demonstrating that it works on a wide range of datasets without being limited by the architecture. The discovery of the new latent space opens up a wide range of possibilities for research and practical applications.

Cho Min-joo and Guksungji proposed a method for reinterpreting the Hawkes process based on differential equations. In particular, they extended the interpretation of discrete event occurrence times in deep learning-based Hawkes processes to a continuous method, demonstrating that the model can effectively handle irregular event data while improving performance.

The Samsung Human-Tech Paper Awards have been held every year since 1994 by Samsung Electronics to discover and foster outstanding human resources in the field of science and technology. This year, 118 excellent papers were selected from a total of 1,972 papers. The "Computer Science & Engineering" category had the highest number of submissions with 323 papers, of which 8 were awarded.


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