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2022 Aprogen Massive Recruitment Begins! [Purification/Finished/Culturing]  

We are looking for talents who can 'complete' Aprogen's pharmaceutical products . 


We go beyond simple production, and are working on completing pharmaceuticals related to human life.

A sense of calling to manufacture medicines that can save lives
A 'collaborative spirit' in which we all work together to achieve a common goal
'Pride' to want to work at Aprogen, where large-scale production is possible
Integrity 'ethical consciousness' for work that directly affects life

Anyone pursuing the same direction as Aprogen is welcome!


■ Recruitment
- Culture
- refine
- finished

■  Neat recruitment process that ends with 4-STEP!
Document screening > Personality test (online) > Interview > Final pass

■ Recruitment period
March 7 (Mon) - March 20 (Sun), 2022 23:00 




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