Department AI Scholarship Application Guide

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1. Number of people selected: Around 5 students per semester

2. Eligibility: Yonsei University Computer Science major, minor and double major 2nd, 3rd, 4th year undergraduate students

(Excluding those who graduated from the current semester and those who are on leave of absence from the following semester)

3. Application Details: Scholarship (2 million won for S class, 1 million won for A class, per person)

(Since the scholarship payment criteria depend on the results after selection, the payment period may be the following semester)

4. Selection Criteria: Potential and will as talents in the field of artificial intelligence

(regardless of prior knowledge of artificial intelligence or past performance)

5. Selection method

- Document evaluation: transcript and self-introduction related to artificial intelligence

- Interview evaluation: Potential and will as a talent in the field of artificial intelligence

- Performance evaluation: AI education and competition preparation for 3 months including vacation for the first-pass students, and then the grade is decided according to the winning results (provided assistant, computer, space if necessary)

Ex) In the case of the 1st scholarship student, achieved 12th place in the role-playing reinforcement learning contest of the renowned NeurIPS Society

6. Schedule

- Deadline for documents: by 4pm on Friday, April 26, 2022

- Required documents: Transcripts for the entire semester and self-introduction in the attached file (no limit on quantity)

- How to submit: Submit email to department ( )

- To be notified separately for selected candidates

7. For other inquiries, please contact the department administration office at 02-2123-2710 or the department email.



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