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The Graduate School Institutional TOEFL (for graduate school admission and graduation thesis submission qualification test) will be conducted as follows.

As a measure for the safety of test takers and prevention of the spread of infectious diseases, the test schedule may be adjusted or canceled according to social distancing guidelines

We ask for your understanding and we will notify you of any changes at a later date.

1. Implementation outline and application schedule: (Submissions cannot be accepted after the application deadline!)

go. Reception schedule

exam date

Application period 


number of receptionists

grade announcement 

4/16 (Sat)

(09:30 – 12:00)

From 3/14 (Mon) to 4/6 (Wed) 12:00 

200 people

(First-come, first-served basis)

4/22 (Fri)

3 p.m.

* May be canceled due to COVID-19, to be notified separately if any changes occur

me. How to apply: ※ Individual online application through the website

all. Cancellation of application: Cancellation is possible only within the application  period ※ Cancellation is not possible after the application period

2. Test date and place

go. Test date: 2022. 4. 16. (Sat) 09:30 ~ 12:00 (to be announced separately if there is a change)

* Entrance to the exam hall, check your seat, and take a seat: 09:00 ~ 09:30 (Never enter after 9:30)


exam time

number of questions

Section 1 - Listening 

about 35 minutes 

50 questions 

Section 2 - Grammar

25 minutes

40 questions

Section 3 - Reading Comprehension

55 minutes

50 questions


115 minutes

140 questions

*Institutional TOEFL test may be canceled or postponed due to COVID-19. We ask for your understanding, and we will notify you if there is a change in the schedule.

me. Test Venue: Yonsei University (Seoul Campus) Education Science Hall (subject to change)

all. exam schedule

Enter the exam hall after wearing a mask, checking your temperature, and using hand sanitizer
entrance control 
No entry after 09:30
Test progress
The test start time may be adjusted according to local circumstances.

※ Due to COVID-19, check-in and check-out are conducted according to the entry/exit guidelines, and entry to the test center is prohibited in the following cases, so please understand and cooperate.

<Guide to Prohibition of Entrance to Examination Hall>

①- If you have visited overseas within the last 14 days or have fever or respiratory symptoms (cough, difficulty breathing, etc.)

- Those who are currently in quarantine after receiving a notice of inpatient treatment (or a notice of self-quarantine), such as patients, doctor patients*, and suspected infectious diseases

② (Patients, pseudo-patients* and suspected infectious diseases, etc.) Those who are currently in quarantine after receiving a notice of inpatient treatment (or a notice of self-quarantine)

* Those in contact with the patient who have fever or respiratory symptoms (cough, difficulty breathing, etc.)

3. Preparations


Regulatory ID
ID card, driver's license,
Choose one of your passports (must be before the expiration date)

※ If you do not bring your ID, you cannot take the test.

※ No student ID

※  Passports newly issued after December 21  ,  2020 (passports without the last digit of resident registration number) must be presented together with passport information to be recognized as a regulated identification card.
writing tool
pencil, sharpener, or eraser
Any type of pencil

※ If you do not bring your ID card and admission ticket, or if you only have a student ID, you will not be able to take the exam.

4. Notes on Corona

- Prior notice to the implementing agency is required for those who develop suspected symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, respiratory disease, etc.) or who are subject to self-quarantine

- Sanitize your hands before entering the room, check your temperature, and wear a mask during the test

- Prohibit unnecessary conversation and maintain proper distance when entering and leaving

- Prohibition of movement within the building other than the test site and entry/exit route and contact with unnecessary equipment

5. Announcement of grades and issuance of report cards

go. Grade announcement: From 15:00 on the date of grade announcement

me. Grade Check:Individual confirmation at

all. Issuance of transcripts

- Printing and issuance available from personal computer (※ Free issuance of up to 3 copies)

- Additional issuance can only be issued for 3 additional copies when the reason is submitted on the grade inquiry page

6. Contact us

go. Inquiries about errors related to test fee payment: 02)1600-1522

me. Inquiries regarding exam registration: 02-2280-7235



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