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Graduate School Innovation Outstanding Paper Contest for 2022-1 Semester

1. Purpose: To create a substantial academic climate by selecting and awarding outstanding papers of graduate students,

To increase the motivation for research 


2. Subject to examination 학술 Academic thesis (student) : Papers published within the last year
※ Applicants can apply only if the thesis of the applicant is the first author or the correspondence author
※ Published only within the same degree period at Yonsei University where you are currently attending
Amendments: Examination of Academic Papers

[Certificate to be published (Right to be published that the paper has been published, official lettering of the academic journal with the number specified)]
If attached, it can be accepted as a paper subject to examination ] deleted

② Degree thesis (graduates) : Graduation thesis in August 2021 and February 2022
※ Only academic papers related to the student's major field
※ From the 2022-1 semester, after self-evaluation of departments and universities, recommend a thesis to graduate school (if you recommend a thesis that is not subject to examination, it may not be approved)
Check whether it is subject to examination and recommend it)


3. Selection category ① the College of Science Award
- Each university selects one of the best papers in the department after examination
a prize for excellence in a department
- Each department shall select within one excellent paper and three incentives after examination
an incentive award
※ If it is determined that there is no excellent paper, it may not be selected 


4. Eligibility for Application: Academic Paper - General Graduate School Student

Degree thesis - General graduate (August 2021 and February 2022 graduation only)

5. Submission documents: ① ~ ⑦

A. Department --> University 

academic submissions

(Written after evaluation by the relevant department)

student submissions

① Department Self-Assessment Overview (Form I) Part 1

Recommendation Review Report (Form II) Part 1 of the Department's Outstanding Paper Award

(This is a basic document for self-evaluation of the department, and it is finalized by the department after the department evaluation)

② One copy of the advisor's recommendation (Form III)

③ Subject's research achievements Part 1 (Form IV)

④ Recommended Person Research Achievement Statistics Part 1 (Form V)

⑤ Paper of thesis plagiarism test result (submission of reason if plagiarism rate exceeds 10%)

⑥ Paper Summary Part 1 (A41 pages): No format specified (Printed copy Part 1)

⑦ Paper 1 (Printed Version)

Please note that ⑤  has been added to the submission document due to the seriousness of the plagiarism problem.


University --> Graduate School : ① ~

all the documents received by the department

university submissions 

~ ⑧ Evaluation Report on the Selection of the Best Paper Award in College of Science

⑧ Evaluation Report on the Selection of the Best Paper Award in College of Science

⑨ Minutes of the Selection of Outstanding Paper Winners

⑩ Consent to provide video presentation of outstanding papers

(Only those who win the best thesis award at the university)

⑪ Graduate School Innovation Excellence Paper Recommendation List





   6. Submission of audit data:

   A) PDF file: Submitting a department evaluation form (application form ① ), thesis (application form ⑤ ), and  ⑧ ⑩ PDF attached to an official document

   1) Department evaluation form (application form ① ) PDF file name: "Department evaluation form_school number" storage

   2) Paper (Application document ⑤ ) PDF File Name: "Paper_College Number" Storage

  ※  ~ ⑦ Submit as one pdf file in order

   3)   The paper plagiarism test results will be conducted with CopyKiller, and please guide us to proceed with the test excluding your own paper recommended as an excellent paper.

    7. Selection method: Deliberation selection by department and university review committee

   8. Selection of winners: In mid-June (or mid-December) 2022, the results of the selection shall be notified to the person in an official letter

   9. Award: Winner Selection: In mid-June (or mid-December) 2022, the results of the selection will be notified to the official letter and the principal 

   10. Awards: early July 2022 



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