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The two papers presented by Professor Byung-Joo Lee's research team at CHI'2021, the most prestigious conference in the field of human-computer interaction, all received the Best Paper Award, which is awarded only to the top 5% of papers.

[Paper 1] “A Simulation Model of Intermittently Controlled Point-and-Click Behavior”, Seungwon Do, Minsuk Chang, and Byungjoo Lee (corresponding author)

[Paper 2] “Secrets of Gosu: Understanding Physical Combat Skills of Professional Players in First -Person Shooters”, Eunji Park, Sangyoon Lee, Auejin Ham, Minyeop Choi, Sunjun Kim, and Byungjoo Lee (corresponding author)

Paper 1 individually examines the cognitive processes involved in the human click on a target by moving the mouse. After modeling and integrating into one system, it was shown that the agent's output obtained when the agent's behavior policy was optimized through deep reinforcement learning was similar to the actual human point-and-click behavior.

Paper 2 scientifically verified various speculations known to the gamer community regarding target aiming in first-person shooter games. For this purpose, various sensors such as eye tracking, motion capture, dual-sensor mouse, and special keyboard were used to record and analyze the gameplay behaviors of 8 professional first-person shooter game players and 8 amateurs.


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