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graduate Jeong Joo-kyung(정주경) CS '10 alumnus - Leader of the AI Lab at Remember…

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Connecting Today and Tomorrow with Artificial Intelligence

Jeong Joo-kyung(정주경), leader of the AI Lab at Remember Big Data Center, solving world problems with AI technology (Computer Science and Engineering '10)

If we were to pick one technology that is currently receiving the most attention for solving world problems, it would undoubtedly be artificial intelligence (AI). Many people are directly experiencing and sensing the world that AI technology is changing, and they anticipate that the remarkable potential of AI technology will bring a better tomorrow. Jeong Joo-kyung, an alumna, has long been convinced that AI technology will create a new world. And she is fully committed, moment by moment, to solving today's problems and moving towards a new future. Intensely and joyfully. That's what it means to proclaim oneself an AI nerd.

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