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student Graduate students Choi Kang-hyun, Hong Deok-ki, and Lee Hye-yoon recei…

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Graduate students Choi Kang-hyun (Department of Computer Science), Deok-gi Hong (Department of Artificial Intelligence), and Hye-yoon Lee (Department of Computer Science) received the silver prize at the 'Samsung Human Tech Papers Grand Prize'. The Samsung Human Tech Papers Grand Prize has been selecting winners since 1994 to discover and nurture excellent human resources in the science and technology field. The title of the award-winning thesis is 'Qimera: Data-free Quantization with Synthetic Boundary Supporting Samples', and it is evaluated as a groundbreaking thesis that solves the data dependency required for artificial neural network compression. This thesis was jointly supervised by Lee Jin-ho, Kim Young-seok, and Park No-seong.


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