Welcome to Department of Computer
Science and Engineering at Yonsei University.

Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Yonsei University operates undergraduate and graduate programs with the aim of training the world's best computer science and software professionals as a creative thinking and insightful convergence talent.

Based on our leading research capabilities on core computer science technologies, we provide world-class education for undergraduate students in accordance with the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) computer science curriculum.
In addition to delivering professors' lectures, we invite executives and employees from industry and research institutes to become instructors and special lecturers for industry-university cooperation, so that students and industries can participate in direct or indirect undergraduate education organically.
Along with the theory-centered education of majors, the curriculum committee for education that reflects the technological demands of industries and practical technologies to solve the latest problems required of future generations, education that emphasizes on-the-job training and education of the latest new technologies is always maintained.
In addition, we have invited a number of full-time foreign professors to foster global professionals, and we are strengthening open source-based software and programming education by opening English-speaking courses in major elective courses.

Since 2022, it has been independent as a College of Computing and has grown with the department of artificial intelligence. In addition to expanding the existing double major and supporting minors to nurture convergence talent, Yonsei University’s various majors (business, economics, social science, medicine, law, Engineering, etc.), we are developing software and AI convergence education for Yonsei University students by opening an advanced convergence major and micro major.
The Graduate School of Computer Science is developing innovative curriculum based on the latest computing research fields, and is conducting research to lead computing and convergence in the future society in various fields of computer software and hardware.
In particular, on-campus and off-campus scholarships, BK21Plus scholarships, and research grants are provided for graduate students, and autonomy in selecting detailed majors is provided to actively meet the technical demand of the industry and society.
Also, the Department of Computer Science and Engineering is presenting a number of papers at premium international symposiums by nurturing world-class IT professionals and conducting internationally competitive research in the field of advanced computing through the BK21Plus stage 4 and AI graduate school.

Chair of Computer Science 학과장사인